When Mandela met Gandhi…

I know the peace road show is starting to gather pace with a mothership of expectations riding along with it. International interest is always high at the launch, with optimism sold in helium balloons just to get the party started.

Euphoria surrounding Cyprus’ new peace initiative is being touted as a Mandela meets Gandhi hug-fest where all the bad blood will just ooze out of the room to be filled with goodness and light.

Maybe Anastasiades and Akinci have that kind of personal chemistry and courage to break down barriers that have held Cypriots back for decades. But they were saying the same thing about the dynamic peace duo of Talat and Christofias who were supposed to deliver us from evil. Well that dream ticket didn’t quite happen but maybe Mustafa and Nicos can bite the bullet and take us on a journey into the unknown.

Stitching the island back together again is no easy task and there will be stone throwers on both sides ready to discredit a………………

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