View: Hard-line parties should not attend National Council

EDEK might call itself a socialist party, but the truth is that it has always made more stock out of its nationalism and hard-line stance on the Cyprus problem than its supposedly socialist ideals. It was therefore no surprise that its newly-elected leader Marinos Sizpopoulos, on Sunday, pushed the party’s central committee to adopt the position against a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation (BBF). There was no need for a vote, according to Sizopoulos, because central committee members ‘unanimously endorsed’ the contents of the speech he made on Sunday.

The decision, which would be ratified by a party conference in the summer, was made a day before the date for the resumption of the talks was to be announced and more than 35 years after the two sides had agreed to work for a BBF. In those 35 years EDEK had consistently backed National Council decisions identifying this as the type of settlement the Greek Cypriot side sought. Now, under the guidance of Sizopoulos the party has discovered that BBF is ‘racist, undemocratic and against the rights of the Greek Cypriots’ and has rejected it outright. As an alternative, Sizopoulos has offered some empty rhetoric about an international conference and confronting Turkish expansionism that.

There seems to be competition among the so-called ‘centre’ parties over which will take the hardest line on the Cyprus talks…………….

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