UK ministers #Hammond and Liddington say Turkey must open ports to Cyprus’ ships to be part of the EU

Turkey is required to open it ports to Cyprus’ ships as part of their accession agreement the European Union, letters exchanged by UK Foreign Affairs Minister, Philip Hammond, and Europe Minister, David Liddington said.
“The United Kingdom urges Turkey to fulfill all obligations for its accession, and will continue to do so, on this and all other issues,” the two government authorities said.
The letters sent by the two UK ministers were in response to letters received from north London Conservative MPs Theresa Villiers and Matthew Offord towards Hammond.  The two MPs said they were concerned with the voters of Cypriot-origin in their area, as the President Cyprus Shipping Union, Yiorgos Mouskas, said Turkey continues to deny access to Cypriot ships in its ports.  The denial occurs to ships flying a Cypriot flag or ships connected to Cyprus in some way.

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