Turkish Cypriot court bans loudspeakers at three mosques

Turkish Sabah newspaper (06.11.15) reports that a court in the breakaway regime has temporarily banned reciting the Adhan (Muslims’ call to prayer) through loudspeakers at three mosques on Thursday.

The court prohibited the performance of Adhan at the Morning Prayer time as well as other Arabic prayers after a lawyer named Feza Guzeloglu filed a “complaint” saying that the noise bothers him.

According to Guzeloglu’s statement, the ban on Adhan at the Seyh Nazim, Pir Pasa and Asagi Mosques in the occupied area of Lefka will continue until the “court” concludes the case.

However, the head of the Religious Affairs in the breakaway regime, Talip Atalay made a statement and said the “court’s decision is not binding on religious affairs and the ultimate ban on Adhan in Cyprus is out of the question”.

Atalay claimed that the Turkish Cypriots are very sensitive about preserving their religious values and even though individuals can have their own opinions, no such decision could be imposed “on the Turkish Cypriot nation”.


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