Turkey’s new page with the EU and Cyprus

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“Turkey’s foremost priority, as a European country, is to continue its relations with the EU, being well aware that it is a great European state. Turkey will find its place in that world.”

These words were uttered by a high level official in Ankara who I had a conversation with last week.But why now? Where did this EU perspective all of a sudden come from, especially amidst allegations that Turkey will intervene into Syria?

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  1. Terzi YamağıTerzi Yamağı said:

    @UKinaoglu @Verda_Ozer Beware Turkey !!!


    @AndKyprianou @Verda_Ozer Invading and occupying a part of a foreign country is not named a conflict in my dictionary.

  3. Yiota PittaYiota Pitta said:

    @Verda_Ozer is the Cyprus case a long lasting conflict ?? I think not. Its a case of invasion and occupation by Turkey.

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