The Turkish press gets into action to prevent the reunification of the Cyprus football

Turkish daily Hurriyet newspaper (28.03.15, online refers to the efforts in the direction of the reunification of the Cypriot football under the title “The fear became true in Cyprus! The TRNC Football Federation is becoming member of the Greek Cypriot Federation!”

The paper reports that the Turkish Cypriot “federation” (“KTFF”) two years ago had accepted to join the “Greek Cypriot federation”, as it calls the Cyprus Football Association (CFA or KOP), but this was not materialized due to reactions by nationalists. According to Hurriyet, the Turkish Cypriot “federation” was preparing to announce on Monday (today) that it applied to CFA for membership. The paper reports that this decision caused “great reaction” in Turkey and officials from the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) argued that the Turkish Cypriot “federation” acts having “political calculations”. TFF’s general secretary Kadir Kardas told Hurriyet the following: “As TFF we have offered them any kind of support and we will continue to do so. However, the center that takes the final decision is FIFA, boss of the world football. This is an issue which totally concerns TRNC’s internal politics. A decision could have been taken because of the elections in the TRNC”.

Meanwhile, Turkish Milliyet newspaper (29.03.15, online, refers to a “membership crisis in the KTFF” and argues that the “KTFF’s” chairman Hasan Sertoglu caused a crisis with his statement that the “KTFF” will apply to join the CFA because the “government” of the breakaway regime could not solve its problems.

Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (29.03.15) reports that the “KTFF'” application to join the CFA “has activated the Turkish media”. The paper refers to Hurriyet’s news report under the title “They say the fear became true in Cyprus”. According to Afrika, the initiative by “KTFF’s” chairman is supported by a great part of the society and is expected to significantly contribute to the solution and peace process in Cyprus.



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