The Turkish occupation army opened a file against Afrika

Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (30.08.15) reported that the Turkish occupation army in Cyprus has opened a file against the paper on the ground of various publications of Afrika against “the army and the flag”.

According to the paper, both the editor in chief of the paper Sener Levent and Mahmut Anayasa, who shared on a social media account on July 10, 2015, an article published in Afrika on July 8, 2015, were called at the “prosecutor office” to answer questions on the issue.

The paper writes that because there is not a “law” against an article published in social media, the paper can be hold responsible for a publication. Afrika is accused of offending the “Turkish Forces” and “for making the people alienated from the army”.


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  1. Ali YaziciogluAli Yazicioglu said:

    Turkish Army has never occupied Cyprus but stop slaughtering of EOKA on the island & set up a long lasting peace since 1974

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