The Point Center Debates Series



The Cypriot Puzzle is participating and helping with the organisation of a series of debates that will take place in July.
You can follow the event on its Facebook page which will take place at the Point Center for Contemporary Art
Purpose of the Point Centre of Contemporary Art July Debates:The aim of the July Debates at Point Centre of Contemporary Art is to open dialogue concerning pertinent topics of contemporary Cypriot culture which are either being underrepresented or misrepresented by conventional media outlets. By advertising to specific groups of Cypriot society for each debate, it is our hope that the findings of each debate will be carried into appropriate circles, discussed and further disseminated. The first in what we hope will be a series of many, it is our expectation that the Point Centre Debates will be a conduit for widespread and informed discussions on sociopolitical issues which affect Cyprus as a whole.

The debates organized for the month of July at Point Centre for Contemporary will be in Oxford-Style Format: 

    • Two teams of two arguing for and against the proposed motion.
    • The debate will be presided over by an impartial moderator, who will field questions from the audience, as well as pose questions he or she deems fitting in moving the debate in the desired direction.
  • Each debater will be given five minutes for an opening statement, the statements being presented in alternation by each team (one member from one team speaks, then one member from the other). After the opening statements are completed, the debate will be open to questions from the audience and moderator for a minimum of forty minutes. After the open question portion of the debate is concluded, the debaters will then present their closing statements.
  • The debate is won by popular vote: before the debate commences, the audience is asked to vote for, against, or undecided towards the motion. After the debate is concluded, the audience is asked to vote again. The team who has gained the most percentage points difference between the first and second round of votes is deemed the winner.
Preliminary Discussions:Before the date of the debate, the speakers and moderator will meet for a preliminary discussion, so as to evaluate the direction in which they would like to take the argument, review points of clarification (agree upon definitions of certain terms etc.), and define their stance on the proposed motion. This is to ensure that on the date of the debate time will not be wasted amongst debaters agreeing upon secondary points of contention, and the proceedings can remain, as much as possible, centered around the question at hand.

The Four Debate Topics:

1. July 9: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Would a Truth Commission to Investigate the 1961-1974 War Crimes Help or Hinder Re-unification Attempts?Confirmed Speakers: Achilleas Demetriades, Erol Kaymak, Dr. Bulent Kanol, Dr. Yiannis Laouris, Andromachi Sophocleous from the Cypriot Puzzle as moderator

2. July 16: Modern Architecture Should be in Context with its Surroundings.

Confirmed Speakers: Pavlos Phillipou, Margarita Danou, Dr. Rita Severis, Lora Nicolaou, Branka Cuca as moderator
3. July 23: The UN is Playing a Positive Role in the Solution of the Cyprus Problem, Yes or No?Confirmed Speakers: Titina Loizidou, Mete Hatay, Hakan Karahasan, Aris Constantinides, Nasia Hadjigeorgiou as moderator

4. July 30th: T/C vs G/C or Man vs Woman, Which is the Greater Divide in Contemporary Cypriot Culture?Confirmed Speakers: Anna Koukkides-Procopiou, Olga Demetriou, Dr. Umut Bozkurt, Mine Atli, Nikolas Kyriakou as moderator



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