The People of Cyprus

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We often talk about the 2 communities of Cyprus. Each of these 2 communities receives an education heavily oriented towards the so called “mother country”, often neglecting our common history. But in this way, not only is the history and background of the other community not taught, we also ignore a great number of other, much smaller but proud communities of the Cypriot society.

Very few people amongst the youth are aware of who or what the Maronites, the Armenians or the Latins are. In addition to the aforementioned Cypriot communities in the recent past we have seen a rise in numbers of immigrants and refugees living amongst us, such as Syrians, Filipinos, Pakistanis, European Union nationals, Turks and many more.

We want to create a series of informational media content titled ‘The people of Cyprus’. This is most probably going to take the form of 2-3 short animation videos along with an interactive webpage both of which will be presenting the same information. In this way we will present the issue in a fun manner, targeted mainly towards the youth.

Part of our project is working with 6-8 students in order to carry out the research and the data visualization. The project will take place in July and we expect that each student will be involved in the project for roughly 2-4 weeks. We haven’t finalised the pay of the students but it will lie in the region of 200-350 euros, depending on the complexity of the work.

The whole team of students will comprise of :

  • 2-3 students who will carry out the data research
  • 3-4 students for the purposes of graphic design, illustration and animation
  • 1 for marketing and promotion of the end result

All interested students can contact us at [email protected] with the task they are interested in along with their CV/portfolio (if any) and a couple of lines about themselves and their interests.

The exact deliverables are:

  • Videos
    • 1 very short intro with some historical data going from Chirokitia
    • 1 GC and TCs together
    • 1 for Cypriot minorities (3 communities)
    • 1 for all the rest (Turks, Greeks, Shir Lankan, Syrians etc)
  • Kind of information
    • Population
    • Language
    • Religion
    • Time of arrival
    • Geographical location
    • Customs/ large holidays
    • Outfits (traditional customs for the character)
  • Translation
    • English with Greek and Turkish subs

This event/ activity/ initiative is made possible through the Youthopia Small Grants implemented by MAGEM and YOUTH POWER and funded by European Union



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  1. Alexy Flemming said:

    When one mentions a certain people as a nation, there appears at least one dominant character (religion, ethnicity, language, culture, etc.) in that people. What is the religion, ethnicity, language, culture of this “the” island “nation” pre-1571 and post 1571? Forget experts even beginners know that there is no “the” “nation” in Cyprus island.

    Pre-1571 it was “CatholicChristian/OrthodoxChristian”, “Frankish&Italian/GreekCypriot”, “Latin/Greek”, “Latin/Helen”;
    post-1571 it was “Islam/OrthodoxChristian”, “Turk/Greek”, “Turkish/Greek”, “Turk/Helen”.

    There occurred lots of conflicts, struggles and wars for the last millenium within the people of Cyprus island since the people of Cyprus island is not a “nation”.

    This way, Makarios (1st President of Rep. of Cyprus) emphasized the absence of “the” “nation” of Cyprus island!:
    “Donkeys: the only true Cypriots on Cyprus; there’s only one living Cypriot in Cyprus and that is the Cypriot donkey”

    Makarios:”Donkeys: the only true Cypriots on Cyprus”
    Makarios: “Donkeys: the only true Cypriots on Cyprus”
    Makarios:”There’s only one living Cypriot in Cyprus and that is the Cypriot donkey”

  2. ypahitas said:

    Cypriots as in the people living on the island. Which is irrelevant with the concept of a nation. If I call people living in Lefkosia Lefkosiates, I am not calling Lefkosia a nation

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