The Cypriot Puzzle participates at Xarkis Festival



We really enjoyed being part of Xarkis Festival last year, we thought we would do it again but bigger! So if you are up for a fun summer weekend on the wine villages of the Troodos mountain range come to the festival and join us in our 2 different events:

1.The ‘Cypriot Puzzle asks’ game:

For Ελληνικά and Türk translations click here

What happened in 1963? Who was the first president of the Republic of Cyprus? When was the second invasion of Turkey in 1974? The rules of the game are easy enough: Two players compete by answering 3 questions on the Cypriot Puzzle. The winner walks away with a small, refreshing prize and the loser gets to reconsider whether it is time to buy a Cyprus History book. This is a fun way to showcase your knowledge, meet the team and in the process learn a few things and get ready for the evening party 😉  

2.Voicing stories | Project Description

‘Voicing Stories’ is a collaborative project initiated by Xarkis and the Cypriot Puzzle. The idea is to collect a variety of oral history narratives and create a digital library which can then be used for a variety of purposes such as academic research and artistic expression. The project revolves around five thematic categories with a range of possible topics for each one. The method is to collect the stories socially, i.e. by encouraging and facilitating young people to interview and record the narratives of their elder relatives. This process can be recorded on devices such as smart phones and
shared through the social media. The project envisages bringing people of different generations closer and helping them realize that everyone can be a source of knowledge and history. More details on the event facebook page

You can see all about the festival on


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