The creepiest ‘ghost’ airports in the world including Cyprus Nicosia International Airport

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The airport lies within a UN-controlled buffer zone and is still used by peacekeepers, although its terminal has fallen into disrepair

Nicosia International Airport, Cyprus

Located near the Cypriot capital of Nicosia, this airport has not had a commercial flight since 1977 – three years after a coup d’etat by Greek nationalists and an invasion by Turkish forces.

Heavy fighting occurred at the airport, which fell within a UN-controlled buffer zone separating Greek and Turkish Cypriots after a ceasefire was signed.

The airport is still used by the UN today, but its terminal has fallen beyond disrepair.

Dilapidated planes are abandoned on the tarmac, seats inside the terminal are covered in a thick layer of dust, the ceiling is caving in, and there is a razor-sharp barbed wire throughout.

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