Team Cyprus – A new effort to reunify the island

team cyprus

We received the following press release regarding a new team of Gcs who want to contribute towards the reunification of the island. The following is their declaration:

Our Team, Cyprus. Ομάδα Κύπρος. by Leontios Philotheou



 The reality is that every attempt to form a common football team would lead us to the Emergency Room. Ok,maybe that is an overstatement. We are mature people after all. But definitely we would have our disagreements.

 At the same time this is also our advantage. Different people. With different starting points. Differentideologies. From differing and different places. Politicians. Social entrepreneurs. Professionals. Members ofcivil society. Social networks. Nongovernmental organisations. From the fields of sciences, letters or business, to arts. From Nicosia, Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca, Kyrenia, Famagusta. Born (almost) all after 1974.

 What unites us? The decision to cooperate to support the attempt at a solution and reunification. Cyprus. Our team, then, is Cyprus.


 No to the Cyprus of the status quo and division. No to the Cyprus of misery and permanent “worries” against any attempt at a solution. No to the Cyprus of nationalism and intolerance. No to the Cyprus of fear. No to the Cyprus of pessimism. No to the Cyprus of checkpoints.

 We are united by the Cyprus of tomorrow.

The reunited Cyprus. The Cyprus of democracy and multiculturalism. The Cyprus of peace and cooperation.The Cyprus of progress and prosperity. The Cyprus which will embrace all its people, Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots, Armenians, Maronites and Latins. The Cyprus of Hope.


 There are definitely worries. Reasonable ones for the most part. And there are also fears. Turkey on the onehand. Our bad history on the other hand. That is why a potential peace plan brought before the people will have to deal with these worries, give clear answers to questions, and moderate the fears and worries of the two communities.

 Let us distinguish between the two though. Because there are also the ones that benefit from “worries”. There are those “doubtfuls” that put them forward against any new prospect for a solution. More worriesevery time. But let us show some understanding. After all, it is the first time we have a T/C leader with an acceptance rate within the G/C community that is definitely higher than the acceptance rate of all the “doubtfuls” put together. That is why they have all initiated a campaign to deconstruct him.

 Even if tomorrow we wake up and the entire occupation army goes back to Ankara along with all the settlers, they would still find a reason to worry, because of habit. So they will open Pandora’s box and spread fear, pessimism, and misery. They will misinform. But they can keep their fear and we’ll keep the hope.


 Without unnecessary enthusiasm. Without euphoria. With assertiveness and good will. With support to the attempt for a solution. With faith in a positive result which will lead to reunification. With will to work, dream for the future and hope.

 Post Scriptum

 Our team is Cyprus. In familiar football terms, we look forward to a Cyprus that plays on Champions League, juxtaposed to all those that want to keep it in the amateur league, so that they can stand the competition.




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