T/c filed lawsuit against companies which produce halloumi-hellim in Turkey

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (09.07.15) reports that the “Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Industry” has filed a lawsuit against two Turkish companies, which illegally produced halloumi-hellim cheese in Turkey. It is said that now an amicable settlement is being searched and that the “chamber” is demanding compensation for the past loses.

The chairman of the “chamber”, Ali Cirali told Kibris that the sector has been suffering loses because of the production of halloumi in Turkey adding that the compensations after the courts’ decisions might reach two million Turkish liras.

Cirali noted that only a product produced in Cyprus could be named “hellim”, adding that the companies could either invest on the island or sign agreements with other companies of the island to produce this type of cheese with their own trade mark. He said that some companies in Turkey stopped the production of halloumi, but some others are still producing.




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