T/c businessmen & trade unionists stress that granting “citizenship”to 25,000 settlers from Turkey would not be right

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (20.04.16) reports that Turkish Cypriot businessmen and trade unionists are expecting the new “government” of the breakaway regime in the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus to sign the “protocol for economic and financial cooperation” for the period 2016-18 with Turkey by taking into consideration the objections of the people and the “NGOs” on some issues included in the “protocol”.
Leading business organizations warned that injustice should be abolished for solving the economic problems, the taxes should be collected on time and regularly and the “state” should stop extravagance. The organizations emphasized the importance of taking the necessary economic measures taking into consideration that the Turkish Cypriots will participate as an equal partner in a possible solution of the Cyprus problem.
The organizations said that the full support of the new “government” to the ongoing Cyprus negotiations is important. Adding that 2016 could be a turning point, they noted that this is why “the country should not be dragged into dividing and separatist policies”.
The business people, writes Kibris, referred to the importance of following a “cautious stance” on the issue of granting new “citizenships” and claimed that “citizenship” could be granted to a certain number of persons who have gained this “right”, but it would not be a right move to grant “citizenship” to 25,000 persons at the same time. This includes the danger of blowing up the Cyprus negotiations, they stressed.
The chairman of the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, Fikri Toros recalled that the community leaders had discussed the proportion of the population of the two “founding states” and added that the stance to be followed should not endanger this.
The chairman of the “chamber of industry”, Ali Cirali expressed the view that the policies followed in the economy will not change and argued that the positions of the two “coalition partners” on the Cyprus problem do not coincide with the ones of the Republican Turkish Party. He claimed that the life of the people who have settled and studied in this “country” but were not granted the “citizenship” should be facilitated, adding that this is possible with the “white identity card”, which could secure that foreigners can stay on the island.
The chairman of the “businessmen’s association” (ISAD), Metin Sadi said that they primarily want from the “government” to support the solution process of the Cyprus problem and described as a “very important development” the [illegal] visit of the Turkish Foreign Minister to the island right after the establishment of the “government”.
The chairman of the Turkish Cypriot “Business Council” (KTIK) Ilker Zugurt claimed that the demand as regards granting “citizenship” to more persons is “proper and appropriate” alleging that “the more the population increases the more the economy develops and the wheels of the economy operate.” He added: “According to the Greek Cypriots the population [proportion] is 4:1. We have to increase this population for our own future. That is why I find very proper this request made by Turkey”.
Ahmet Kaptan, chairman of the “civil servants’” trade union (KTAMS) said that granting “citizenship” to another 25,000 persons will blow up the solution and the negotiations, arguing that the “law” should change if needed and these persons should be granted “white identity card”, which will provide them the right of free movement and establishing a business.

Source: PIO

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