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Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

While at first sight Cyprus’ economic crisis, regional geopolitical recalibrations and natural gas exploration appear to have eclipsed the long-standing efforts to reconcile the divided island, upon closer inspection they reveal the paradoxical predicament that engulfs the Cyprus conflict. The quick collapse of financial certainty exposed an ephemeral tempestuous prosperity that in effect concealed the

Cyprus reunification not within reach-poll

Most Greek Cypriots still believe the divided island’s reunification is not within reach, according to a poll released late on Friday, commissioned by the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation. The island-wide poll, carried out between April 8 to 18 by IMR/Nicosia University used a random sample of 1,000 people aged 18 and above. It shows that 62%

IMF, World Bank count cost of reunification

By Annie Charalambous A World Bank and International Monetary Fund joint team left Cyprus on Friday after a week of “substantial work” focusing on the economic sustainability of the divided island’s possible reunification. “What Nicosia wants is an assessment of the economic viability of an overall Cyprus settlement; what it actually means to have a

Cyprus may be small,but its reunification could have huge global ramifications

Driving into Nicosia from the south, you receive your first reminder that the Cypriot capital is a divided city before you even arrive. An enormous flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, painted on the side of the Kyrenia mountains, looms above the skyline. You will be driving because you cannot fly. Commercial flights

Stratfor: Cyprus Makes Progress on Reunification Talks

Stratfor Intelligence forecasts that though Greek and Turkish Cypriots are getting closer to an agreement on reunifying the island, lingering obstacles will likely delay any deal for at least a year. It also said the ongoing reunification negotiations will make Cyprus less likely to use its veto power to impede progress in Turkey’s accession talks

Akinci: Nov-Dec critical to achieve convergence

The next two months are critical as they will reveal whether convergence can be achieved on the remaining chapters, says Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, according to Turkish Cypriot media reports. Akinci who T/C media report was speaking at a meeting with Turkish Cypriot Pensioners Coordinating Committee on Wednesday said that November and December are crucial,

Christodoulides:Cypriots will take final decision on reunification

Cypriots will be the ones to take the final decision on an agreed overall settlement that will reunite the divided island, government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides said on Wednesday. And that, so far, progress has been achieved on certain issues of substance but there is a long way to go on others at the UN-brokered Cyprus