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Erdogan accused the EU of not keeping its promises

Erdogan accused the EU of not keeping its promises

According to illegal Bayrak television (online, 21.03.16), Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in statements regarding Turkey’s EU membership process, visa free travel and the Cyprus issue, said that Turkey had made in the past a proposal to then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan while in Davos in order to solve the Cyprus issue but added

Focus on Turkish Cypriot economy

By George Telaveris As negotiations to solve the Cyprus problem intensify, efforts are increasing to prepare Turkish Cypriot banks for the demands of the eurozone and to support a united Cyprus in managing a new federal system of government. “The opening of the Turkish market to the Cyprus economy will benefit the service sector, shipping

Self-confident Erdogan may give Cyprus peace efforts a boost #Reuters

BRUSSELS, Nov 3 (Reuters) – After stifling initial groans of dismay, European policymakers are looking for a silver lining for EU-Turkey relations in the emphatic election victory of President Tayyip Erdogan’s Islamist-rooted AK Party. At least Ankara will now have a strong, stable government able to implement agreements with the European Union to manage millions


Time for Cyprus’s reunification has come–but Erdogan holds the key #guardian

Eclipsed by the state of tumult in the region, a quiet miracle has occurred in the eastern Mediterranean, where Cyprus has come back from the brink of economic disaster in a recovery that would be the envy of its cousins in Greece. As the race to reunite the divided island begins in earnest on Friday,

Erdogan: “The water from Turkey can be a water for peace”

Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (30.10.15) reports that Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan speaking on a TV program responded to questions regarding the water pipeline project. Erdogan stated that if the Greek Cypriot side faces difficulties with water at one point, then the water brought from Turkey can be offered to them. “The water from Turkey

Merkel says Germany ready to support Cyprus and help Turkey

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi (19.10.15) reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday that her country is ready to extend support to Cyprus while helping drive forward Turkey’s European Union accession process. Merkel held a joint news conference with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Istanbul on Sunday, after the two had a

17 organisations held demonstration to protest water project from Turkey

The demonstrators held black balloons and held placards which read ‘The water you have brought will not clean the blood of the lives you have taken’. Police created a human barricade outside the Turkish Embassy. The Chairman of the KTOS union Sener Elcil read out a short statement after which the demonstrators held a minutes

Commentary argues that Erdogan authorized major land concessions to Greek cypriot side

Turkish daily Today’s Zaman newspaper (11.08.15) published an article by Abdullah Bozkurt under the title “Erdogan’s vulnerability is his liability”. In the article Bozkurt writes that faced with weakened political strength, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to have grown desperate to gain some acknowledgement and respect from foreign powers to boost his waning legitimacy

‘Turkey maintaining hands-off policy on Cyprus negotiations’

Turkey is maintaining a hands-off policy during the current Cyprus negotiations, according to the Turkish Cypriot ‘foreign minister’ Emine Colak. In an interview with Hurriyet, Colak said that during the recent visit to the north by Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, her impression from private meetings with him was that Ankara was sincere in wanting a