Small parties should think big and centre

Small parties should think big and centre

By Loucas Charalambous

IF WE WERE to speak seriously, nobody should at the present be talking about the parliamentary elections and certainly not about the raising or lowering of the election threshold. If our politicians were genuinely concerned about the fate of this country and, in particular, that of the Greek Cypriot community, at this moment they would have just one thing on their mind – to achieve a solution to our ongoing national problem.

Now a concerted effort is being made – some say it is the last. All the experts and all rational people believe that a settlement is the only way to free ourselves from the accumulated political and economic dead-ends. From what the leaders of the two communities have been saying, by the end of December we will know if we are going for a deal this time or whether the lack of courage, political cowardice, fear of responsibility, populism and demagoguery will prevail.

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