Signature campaign demanding not to lose their houses in case of a solution

Turkish Cypriot daily Bakis newspaper (29.09.15) reports that the persons who live in the occupied Yiallousa village started a signature campaign in order not to leave the houses they live, in case of a solution.

According to statements made by the so-called mayor of the occupied village, Ozay Oykun the persons living in Yiallousa have started the campaign in order to show that they are not willing to leave the village. Oykun said that many times it was reported in the Greek Cypriot press that the village will be among those to be under the Greek Cypriot administration in case of a solution. He also stated that so far 600 persons have signed the campaign. The village has 1,100 inhabitants.

The paper also writes that Yiallousa was among the villages that, as it was alleged, was visited by some Greek Cypriots who demanded to have their property returned by the persons who now use their properties.


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