Siber:G/Cs side’s passive behaviour towards T/Cs attacks create worries

Under the title: “I feel uneasy”, Turkish Cypriot daily Diaylog newspaper (08.08.16) reports that Sibel Siber, the “speaker” of the so-called assembly, stated that the passive behaviour of the Greek Cypriot side towards the attacks faced by the Turkish Cypriots who visit the south (Tr. Note: the free areas of the Republic of Cyprus) creates worries even to those who are in favour of a solution in Cyprus.

She made these statements in an interview to Diyalog.

She went on and claimed how important the issue of guarantees is for the Turkish Cypriots stating: “Continuation of guarantees is the common will both of our people and of our assembly”.

Sibel also stated that solution in Cyprus should not be the cause for new conflicts but a way to bring peace in the island, and she stated that she has worries over the issue. “Peace is not reached just with saying ‘let’s sign an agreement, let’s reconcile”, she said.

On the issue of properties, Siber argued that in a possible solution the method of property exchange and compensation will be applied for the Greek Cypriot properties that are located in the occupied areas of Cyprus.

Finally Siber said that rotating presidency is a condition for reaching a solution.

Source: PIO

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