Should Cyprus be reunified? [Video]

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Our very own Andromachi Sophocleous will be part of tonight’s debate on Al Jazeera. The other speakers are:

Ozdil Nami- Foreign Minister, Republic of Northern Cyprus

Mustafa Cirakli – Researcher, Lancaster University

Christiana Erotokritou- Spokesperson, Democratic Party in Cyprus

On Tuesday, June 30 at 19:30GMT (10:30pm Cyprus time):

Will the ‘Cyprus problem’ soon be solved? After years of tension and stalemate, UN-brokered talks over Cyprus are ongoing between Greek and Turkish Cypriot leaders and many signs are pointing toward a thaw in the conflict. The island has been divided since 1974 when supporters of a union with Greece staged a coup. Turkey subsequently invaded a part of the island, in support of Turkish Cypriots. Days of furious fighting left many dead and thousands displaced. The UN established a 180 km buffer zone that still separates the island, and its capital Nicosia. However, relations between the two sides are better today than they’ve been in the past four decades. Some even say the recent election of Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci was a game changer. Confidence building measures from both sides are underway, but major issues remain unresolved, including governance, property rights and security. And there is the question of Turkey and its influence. So what does the future of Cyprus look like, and what will it take to get there?  We discuss at 1930GMT(10:30pm Cyprus time).

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  1. Osman Kalfaoglu said:

    The island should have been reunified a long time ago. Now we have a very good opportunity to do so but its not only up to the Cypriots. The countries who contributed to the division of the island owes this peace to the Cypriots. On the other hand, I hope the Cypriots took lesson of what happened in the past and show respect to the other community and their right to exist on the island.

  2. oxolobs said:

    What does ‘reunified’ mean? All we want is for the embargoes to be lifted & Turkey to get out. The rest would occur naturally over time; My guess is two generation or more.

  3. Yener Zihni said:

    The time has come to end the division on the island of Cyprus every body lost in 1974 lost there homes there towns there villages and there way of life.
    we are and must believe we are Cypriots First
    the trauma suffered by the people of this beautiful island is still ongoing and will take a lot of healing we must be prepared to say sorry to each other and move forward without looking back because the future is ours together. Let us back are leaders and show the same courage and friendship that they have shown and let them lead us in the new cyprus THE UNITED CYPRUS

  4. Alexandra said:

    What does “reunified” mean? Was Cyprus ever really unified? Unless one classifies the short period 1960-64 as a period of unification, when the Cyprus Republic was set up and the new constitution was tested and failed. I am not interested in unification or reunification unless full democracy and the principles of “one man one vote” and “equal rights” are applied and respected by all. Equally, I am not interested unless the rules are set for Cyprus to become demilitarise and for guarantor powers to be removed. These are the real issues which the Anan Plan 2004 failed to address. Stumbling blocks and/or issues of land, compensation, immigrants from Turkey etc are of secondary importance.

  5. HuSeyin Bilgekul said:

    Cyprus problem exists for more than 100 years.
    Solution of the problem depends on sharing the island equally as indicated in the 1960 Constitution (%30 and 70%).
    Our Greek neighbours so deeply beleive that they are the sole owners of the island although others owned the island since 1000 years.
    if the Greeks sincerely accept the Turks as the other main owners of the island then solution is possible.
    But I doubt that the Greeks will ever sgree dincerely to share the island.

  6. Eman said:

    Turkey isn’t going anywhere, neither are the Turkish Cypriots. Leave it as is.

  7. Holiday BayHoliday Bay said:

    Will we be able to watch it later? Busy at 7:30 tonight 🙁

  8. The Cypriot PuzzleThe Cypriot Puzzle said:

    it’s 10:30 Cy time and it will be available later to rewatch

  9. Alexandra said:

    Since 1964 Greek Cypriots are negotiating with the puppet instead of with the puppeteer, although more than likely the outcome would have been the same: no solution…

  10. Emine Hassan said:

    Dear sirs

    Reunification would mean that the Greeks achieved their aim to make Cyprus a Greek Island in accordance with their Akritas plan. It would mean that they can ethnically cleanse Cyprus of Turks one way or another. Greeks are fully armed and they are continuing to get more and more arms. Turkish cypriots have no arms and we rely on Turkish troops for our protection. Economically they are better whilst they keep us isolated. We have been put in an open prison with only way out through Turkey. Our people don’t take place in any competition sports or music or anything. Turkish cypriots are and have been punished because they defended themselves against the systematic and planned ethnic cleansing by the Greeks. Turkish cypriots don’t trust the Greeks and vice versa. Reunification would only mean extinction of Turkish cypriots. And in that eventuality the fault doesn’t lie only with the Greeks but also with countries such as European countries, especially UK,USA. Russia . Turkish cypriots exercised their right to govern themselves and formed their own State TRNC with their own flag. They’re now being asked to abandon everything and go under their historical enemy who are still trying to destroy us. We are still digging up our missing who were abducted between 1963-1974. Last week we buried a family of seven. Five kids between the ages of 2 and 15. They were thrown alive into a well , their pregnant mother speared in the stomach first then shot and thrown on top of the kids and father shot and also thrown into the well. They Say the Kids Were alive when the well was Filled In. The Greeks never admitted acknowledged or apologised. Instead of prosecuting the murderers they gave them medals and elected them and put up their statues. They are still treating them as heroes for killing innocent people just because they were Turkish . They bring up racist people. Greek children learn in Sunday church schools that Turks barbecue and eat Greek children and their families. At schools in the army they chant a good Turk is a dead Turk. . How can we trust these people? They still are same as they were before. When their doctors killed Turkish cypriots by draining their blood, raping and severing the limbs of young women and children, burning alive old one legged men. Mass graves should be visited for you to see how they buried alive everybody in several villages including women and children. Who can guarantee that this will not happen again. We don’t want to go back to those days when we could not travel without going through stripsearches several times during the journey when they would not give us water for months and no electricity. When people went missing and we tried not to sleep because we were constantly under threats of attacks. . In conclusion. Reunification will not work as it is being forced on both peoples as it was in the sixties. Greeks don’t consider us equals. It took them only 3 years to go back on the agreement they made with us. Who can guarantee that they won’t do it again. . How many more will have to die before the world accepts that the best way forward is for us to live in our own states and to avoid extinction or assimilation of Turkish cypriots that TRNC should be recognised..

    Yours faithfully Emine Hassan

  11. Regu said:

    After 11 years of being in an abusive relationship, the abused was finally assisted in escaping her abuser. Unfortunately, she has never been allowed by the ‘authorities’ to live freely and separately from her abusive ex partner. At every opportunity she has been told she cannot be independent and she must reunite with her abusive partner. She has protested and refused for many years, but to no avail. As the years have past she has even been portrayed as the villain despite the authorities bearing witness to the realities of her past. In this situation who amongst us wouldn’t speak up in support of the abused and insist on her right to live freely and independently as she wishes? However, for us Turkish Cypriots no such right is afforded, instead we are being forced back in to the hands of our abusive partner.

  12. HuSeyin Bilgekul said:

    More or less the present situation, together with an international agreement is the solution.

    The necessity of an agreement will involve some sacrifices from both sides.

    Turks will sacrifice some territorial concessions in return for some concessions from Greek side so that the deadlock will end.

    Otherwise the situation will continue unresolved.

    After 50 years of time you can not turn the wheel backward as if nothing has happened.

    Less than 30% of the refugee population is alive now.

    Now I am 65 years old but I can not claim that
    I am a refugee because in 1974 I was a university student with no belongings.

    Actually so long time has passed since 1964 that many of the issues are partly settled.

  13. Emine Hassan said:

    Reunification? These two people never lived together. Everywhere divided to rich Greek side and poor ghetto like Turkish side. Sports were played separately under two differently leagues, schools prayers all separate and they didn’t even mix socially. Capital lefkosa was divided too. When EOKA was formed and Greek soldiers secretly came and Greeks smuggled guns nobody knew. The longest period Turkish cypriots feel safe at last since Turkey intervened as a guarantor in 1974. El jazeera always side with the Greek side. What about the human rights of Turkish Cypriots. Are we not entitled to self determination? Why does el jazeera want to help Greeks exterminate us and make Cyprus a Greek Island? There is peace in Cyprus and there has been since 1974. Change it and killings will start again. I f you want blood shed then try to re unify. .

  14. Hulusi KilimHulusi Kilim said:

    Congratulations to Andromachi for her spot on remarks about the issues regarding the education in the Greek Cypriot schools. We need to tackle these issues and eliminate bias and hatred in education systems in both parts of the island if we want to achieve successful and stable cooperation between the youth of today who will become the members of the communities with the responsibility to realise the reunification of the island tomorrow.

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