Sane approach must to resolve Cyprus issue

The Cyprus issue is an internal matter of Turkey. Turkey has always seen the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as another city of Anatolia, as an inseparable part of the country. An entire generation grew up hearing about the Cyprus issue, fought for Cyprus, fell as martyrs in Cyprus, held rallies in Istanbul for it and raised voice for it wherever they could. Cyprus is probably the only issue on which all the previous Turkish governments have agreed. No one has ever considered compromising on the Cyprus issue and no one would even think of such a possibility.

Since it is a matter of such a national importance, the words of the new President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus about Turkey caused outrage among the Turkish people. Mustafa Akıncı said that the relationship with Turkey shouldn’t be one of a mother and child, but rather like a relationship between siblings. He wants to act as independently as possible from Turkey and hopes that in this way, he will be able to make peace with Greek Cyprus. Although the harshest reply came from President Erdogan, other Turkish political leaders were also outraged.
At this point, it is important to look at the issue from two perspectives: From Turkey’s point of view, and Northern Cyprus’ point of view.
From Turkey’s point of view………..

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