Russia’s true designs for Cyprus

Russia’s true designs for Cyprus

THE AMBASSADOR of the Russian Federation, Stanislav Osadchiy, betrayed his country’s true designs for Cyprus in an interview he gave the Turkish Cypriot newspaper Havadis. Asked about the issue of guarantees, which has been a major talking point, the ambassador declared that “Russia cannot accept NATO guarantees.” Was it any of his country’s business what agreement the two sides would reach on the issue?

It appears the ambassador feels entitled to interfere in Cyprus’ domestic affairs because of the deference consistently extended to him by our government, political parties, and media. Osadchiy has accompanied the Diko leader Nicholas Papadopoulos on a visit to Moscow, which was astonishing. He repeatedly has meetings with Alliance leader Giorgos Lillikas, followed by public statements about the Cyprus problem.

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  1. PeekaPPeekaP said:

    looks like Syria isn’t the only country both the USA AND Russia are meddling in.they bring their baggage & muddy the waters.

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