‘Reddediyoruz’ demonstration takes place today

reddediyoruz c

reddediyoruz c


The Reddediyoruz Platform (We reject it) is organising a march and demonstration today, 03/08/2016, to mark its opposition against Turkey’s plans for establishing a “Coordination Office for Youth and Sports” in the North. This office will be run directly by Turkey and will be supervising the financial aid the Turkish government will be allocating for investments in the field of education, culture,youth and sport.

The bill was passed from the parliament following the coalition between the Democratic Party (DP) and the National Unity Party (UBP) but was referred to the Constitutional Court by Mustafa Akıncı.

The demonstration will take place in awaiting the decision of the Constitutional Court that is to be released on 5th August.

The meeting place will be at Dereboyu Citroen traffic lights at 19:00, in North Nicosia. For the Greek-Cypriots going, there are organised groups leaving Home for Cooperation premises, at 18:30.

For more information on the Reddediyoruz Platform, please click here.

To visit the Reddediyoruz FB page, click here.

The Cypriot Puzzle feels that this is a struggle for Cyprus that should unite all Cypriots. At this crucial moment it is important for the Greek Cypriot community to prove to its Turkish Cypriot compatriots that they empathise with their frustration and that they are joining in their strife; a strife that serves the autonomy and sovereignty of the whole island.


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