‘Rauf Denktash to blame for non-solution’

‘Rauf Denktash to blame for non-solution’ 

Turkey’s EU Minister and chief EU negotiator Volkan Bozkir has blamed the late Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash for the failure to reach a Cyprus solution “for many years”, according to Turkish daily Sabah.

Bozkir was commenting on the resignation of Serdar Denkatsh from the post of ‘deputy prime minister’ of the breakaway Turkish Cypriot state in the north. “The father of Serdar Denktash, the late Rauf Denktash was the TRNC’s hero and a historical name. However, the late Denktash was the reason for the non-solution of the Cyprus problem. For many years and in several phases when the solution was very close, he took a stance against it,” said Bozkir.

“I can say that he [Serdar] is his father’s son. He had always shared the same views……………….

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  1. KingCyprusKingCyprus said:

    Denktash was a long time ago, focus on the future bringing up blame only sets us back.

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