Protocol for the transferring of electricity to north via underwater cables

Under the title: “Electricity to be transferred from Turkey to the TRNC”, Turkish daily Milliyet (22.03.16) reports that as it was made known, after the transferring of the water from Turkey, steps will be taken for the transferring of electricity from Turkey to the occupation regime.
According to the “official website” of the “foreign ministry”, in the aspect: “Ties with Turkey”, it is said that “cables are planned to be laid in the sea from Anamour [Mersin] to Keryneia], within the framework of the implementation of a project called “electricity transferring project”.

The paper writes the following: “In the framework of the electricity project which envisages the transferring of electricity from Turkey to the TRNC, Turkey and the TRNC will sign a protocol. The Cyprus Electricity Authority (KIB-TEK) on behalf of the TRNC and Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEIAS) will undertake the task to carry out the project. Within the framework of the project, cables will be laid in the sea from Mersin/Anamour to Keryneia, TEIAS will open international tenders for the underwater cables construction works and companies from Turkey, Italy, the UK and France could participate in the tender. The electrical energy to be produced will be transferred to the TRNC

Source: PIO

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