Process of annexing north Cyprus to Turkey is being intensified @SamiOzuslu



Writing in her column Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (08.04.16) columnist Sami Ozuslu writes that the process of annexing the occupied area of Cyprus to Turkey is being intensified. Under the title “’Annexation government”, the columnist reports, inter alia, the following:
“Even though Tugrul Turkes [Tranlator’s note: Turkish Deputy prime Minister responsible for Cyprus Affairs] has expressed his annoyance, the Turkey-TRNC relations have now exceeded the threshold of being sustainable. As justifiably was noted by Fatma Azgin in her article yesterday where she was looking for an answer to the ‘will the TRNC become a second Alexandretta’ question, the process of including the TRNC to Ankara, like the accession to Turkey’s lands of Alexandretta which had been outside the National Pact borders, seems to be intensified with a similar scenario.

Undoubtedly this would be a very serious step and it will make Turkey’s position in the area and the world more difficult.

However, no one can guarantee that Turkey will not enter into such ‘adventures’. Because the tension experienced with Erdogan’s love for the presidency, possible [giving of] information by the two former partners arrested by Iran and the USA, the results which will come up while the regional geography is reshaped and terrorism which is continuously expanded may direct Ankara to this kind of adventures.

Perhaps this scenario is not very convincing at the moment. However, it is difficult to predict what calculations anyone could be making regarding the future in the Middle East, which is at a very slippery ground. […]”

Noting that Ankara’s “more active and totalitarian stance” in the occupied area of Cyprus it could be seen by some as “preparation for the period after the solution of the Cyprus problem.

“However, the recent developments are estranging at lease me from the view that ‘Turkey is preparing for the period after the solution and wants to be here with everything she has”, notes the columnist adding that he finds it difficult to explain with the “theory for preparing for the period after the solution” Turkey’s “insistent and hard stance” in strategic fields such as the “economic program”, the water, the electricity and the airports, which “continuously shortens the life of the TRNC governments”.

He argues: “If Turkey was preparing for Cyprus after the solution, it would approach with tolerance the sensitivity of the Turkish Cypriots on the issue of ‘self-governing’ and even the complex created on this issue and it would not have created the image before the eyes of the world and primarily the Greek Cypriots, that they [Translator’s note: the Turkish Cypriots] are ‘desperate, miserable and needy’.

If Turkey was preparing for Cyprus after the solution, it would respect the will exhibited by the Turkish Cypriots, it would support the decisions of the people elected and appointed here and give everyone the image of ‘two sister states’ and not of ‘motherland – daughter land’.

If Turkey really wanted a solution in Cyprus, it would not equip the employees it sends here with duties such as ‘cutting salaries, reprimanding, behaving rudely’ and it would pull their ear when they were behaving like this.

It is a good thing that Tugrul Turkes is annoyed by the correlation of Turkey with the collapse of the government. However, the Turkish Cypriot community is the one which is actually annoyed. It sees at which position Turkey is with the image it is giving and its actions. If we have come to the point of talking about ‘annexation’ of the TRNC to Turkey, there is a reason for this.

The scenario discussed in some circles is the following: ‘Ankara spoiled the CTP-UBP government. It wants an UBP-DP-Independents collation in the short term. It wishes a government which will on the one hand sign the protocols and on the other a formation which will could be a ‘hawk’ in possible developments on the Cyprus problem. In the long term a stronger right-wing government after an early election and steps which will increase the tension in Cyprus in spite of Akinci will be planned’.
I hope that Fatma Azgin is not proved to be right. However, if a right-wing government is established, do not be surprised if one day it moves to ‘annexation’!

Source: PIO

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