‘Preserving the Republic’ rules out any possibility of a settlement

Our View: ‘Preserving the Republic’ rules out any possibility of a settlement

FEARING that their defiant but hollow rhetoric is no longer taken very seriously the so-called parties of the centre brought a US-based Greek academic to address Monday night’s occupation anniversary gathering they co-organised. Professor Emeritus of Political Science Van Coufoudakis was tasked with articulating the do-nothing message of high principles that DIKO, EDEK, Greens and Alliance have embraced for years.

It was appropriate that the parties brought a man from a profession that specialises in intellectualising and theorising about issues rather than in offering practical solutions to long-standing political problems. Coufoudakis, repeating the rhetoric of Papadopoulos, Lillikas, Sizopoulos et al, spoke about the “utter contempt shown for the result of the referendum (of 2004),” by the last two presidents and described the Eroglu-Anastasiades joint declaration of 11 February 2014 as “tragic” because it repeated the mistakes of the past.

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