People’s Party informs UN Envoy about party’s vision of a solution


According to Bayrak(26.03.2016), the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser for Cyprus Espen Barth Eide met with the leader of the People’s Party Kudret Özersay.

According to information released by the party, the People’s Party leader Kudret Özersay made a statement regarding the meeting on social media.

Özersay said that he had met with the UN Envoy for the first time and added that he had informed Eide about his party’s vision regarding the Cyprus negotiations process and the comprehensive solution to be found.

Explaining that they had also brought to the attention of the UN Envoy the Greek Cypriot sides tender for three separate blocks on the island, Mr. Özersay expressed the belief that this move will harm the Cyprus negotiations process but more importantly carried the threat of further estranging the Greek Cypriot people and the Greek Cypriot leadership from a comprehensive solution on the island.


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