Paying the price for the questions we never asked

Paying the price for the questions we never asked

What troubles the Turkish Cypriots is not the territorial integrity of Cyprus but their physical safety, and that’s why they insist on guarantees


By George Koumoullis


IT IS VERY likely that our disregard for Turkish Cypriot psychology could be the root of the Cyprus problem.  It’s a disregard that derives from our education which, at least in the past, exhaustively cultivated the paralysis of knowledge and judgement. While it obsequiously praised the fascist dictatorships of Metaxas, Papadopoulos and Ioannides, it also promoted prejudice and hostility towards the Turkish Cypriots.

Before we started the struggle for enosis, the Turkish Cypriots frequently expressed their fear, if not revulsion, for the process. The slogan ‘taksim (partition) or death’ reverberated at all the rallies of the Turkish Cypriots.

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  1. Alexander NeoAlexander Neo said:

    Once more Cyprus Mail is pro-Turkish. We do not really care how this minority wanting to rule the majority feels, because we must also see how members of the majority feel about the secessionist T/C who took over G/C and Armenian-Cypriot houses in 1963-1964. Also, they got what they deserved following their mutiny

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