Ozgurgun: Greek Cypriot political leader cannot sign an agreement that Church does not accept

Responding to questions on NTV,  Huseyin Ozgurgun said that he did not see any will from the Greek Cypriots to reach a solution in Cyprus until end of 2016, but nevertheless expressed full support for Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akıncı in this context. Ozgurgun said, “Putting away the target for a solution by the end of 2016 means that the ongoing negotiations will continue for another forty eight years.”

Although there are no issues off the table at the ongoing negotiations, Ozgurgun raised questions about whether the Greek Cypriots have the will for a solution.

Furthermore Ozgurgun raised the issue of the role of the Church, which as it stands does not accept any agreement. The Greek Cypriot political leader cannot sign an agreement that the Church does not accept. “Any political decision cannot be taken as long the Church is opposed. The Church must be overcome for any solution to occur” said Ozgurgun.

Addressing allegations that the ELAM is supported by the Church and organized by factions inside the Greek Cypriot government with the help of certain members of the police and judiciary, Ozgurgun draw parallels between ELAM and the EOKA-B.

One Comment;

  1. Panicos Georgioy said:

    What the TCs say is an agreement is the acceptance of the status quo with one or two window dressings to appease the GC.
    If the Greek Cypriots said that any solution has to be on the basis of
    1) All Turkish soldiers to leave Cyprus
    2) All Turkish mainland settlers to leave
    3) Freedom of movement and settlement for all on the island
    4) All property to revert to their pre 1974 owners
    The TCs would walk out of any negotiations and Turkey would not accept such a deal

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