Our DNA looks East, not West

A study found that Greek markers accounted for around 23 per cent of Cypriot DNA. Apart from ‘Greek DNA’ markers, Cypriots showed signs of Iranian, Italian – a significant 20 per cent – Sicilian, Armenian, Syrian, Georgian, Saudi and Palestinian markers.

The genetic information, presented this week at a colloquium hosted by the Cyprus Institute in Nicosia, is a by-product of data gathered through the Cyprus Bone Marrow Donor Registry (CYBMDR).

With 120,000 registered Greek Cypriot and 20,000 Turkish Cypriot volunteer donors, the CYBMDR ranks 19th among registries in the world in absolute terms, but is the largest such database on a per capita basis.

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Also worth looking at this online interactive map : http://admixturemap.paintmychromosomes.com/


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  1. Costa ConstantiCosta Constanti said:

    – to see #Cyprus #DNA map visit http://t.co/zaRrh61tpW and click on #Cypriot – fascinating!

  2. Ozan HuseyinOzan Huseyin said:

    Well, Cyprus is in the centre of the Middle East!

  3. Science and politics said:

    Greek and Italian you mean, since this is what the DNA map shows. In addition, the majority of the Italian areas which Cyprus DNA is common, were also for thousands of years Greek, so it is normal to be in common.

    Is this site ever going to get the facts and figures right, or is it going to continue the same agenda of its sponsors?:)

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