MHP Deputy alleges that Akinci ignores the interests of Turkey and the T/c

Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (08.08.15) reported that Umit Ozdag, Deputy with the Nationalist Action Party (MHP) in Turkey’s Gaziantep, has alleged that Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci and his negotiating team are inexperienced and this causes concern. Speaking during a press conference at the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA), Ozdag said on Friday that Akinci’s spokesman, Baris Burcu had studied international relations, but he has been alienated from this field because his profession in the past 20 years is to sell doner kebab.
He noted that the negotiations resumed in May, but Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots allegedly do not know in which context the issues are being discussed and on which issues is possible to reach an agreement, because Akinci and his team are implementing an information blackout.
Ozdag described as “surprising” the fact that the AKP government and the Turkish Foreign Ministry “made no guidance and gave no recommendation”, in spite of the fact that the issues which he described as “worrying” have been published in the press. Ozdag alleged that the interests of the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea are being ignored in the negotiations process, while Turkey has turned its attention to the Middle East, the Islamic State and the PKK.
Commenting on the issue, Afrika reports that “the ghost of the solution” has lead into action the nationalists’ front both in occupied Cyprus and Turkey. “While calls for war are made in the island saying ‘the hunting rifles are ready’, in Turkey the climate that ‘Cyprus is being sold’ started to be created”, writes the paper.


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  1. Duke St. MamasDuke St. Mamas said:

    *ignores the interests of Turkey*

    This is a GOOD thing… occupied Cyprus finally has a leader who cares about CYPRUS.

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