Manhole ‘A film about citizens getting their shit together’


Yesderday on the 26th of April 2015 Mustafa Akinci was elected leader of the Turkish Cypriot government, in light of this turn of events the Cypriot Puzzle features a Documentary by Aris Kyriakides, released in 2000, called Manhole ‘A film about citizens getting their shit together’.

1974 was traumatic for all of the communities living in Cyprus. It also left Nicosia with a potentially filthy problem. The sewerage system, which was by then nearing completion, was left unfinished. Mustafa Akinci and Lellos Demetriades the then Mayors of Nicosia’s two sides decided to finish the task.

Κyriakidis’ Documentary looks at the result of the negotiations. As he puts it:

“The story of a divided city at the turn of the millennium, above the surface walls and conflict, beneath the surface the only agreement reached between the two sides since the war: a sewage system. In this documentary film we meet citizens and workers from both sides of the divide trying to make a better place for themselves, and the only one crossing the Green line on a regular basis a UN worker taking samples of sewage from one side to the other.”





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