Kamil Hur’s house was attacked and burned his flags and placards

Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (18.08.15) reports that unknown persons broke into the house of Turkish Cypriot named  who had held an activity on 16 August to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus, and burned his flags and placards. Under the title “Attack against Kamil Hur’s activity for the Republic of Cyprus, They burned”, Afrika writes that the fire caused damage to other material in the residence’s storehouse.

Hur stated that after the celebration he went to bed and around midnight he heard some people shouting. He added: “My warehouse was burning. It seems that persons saw it and notified and the fire brigade came. The fire was extinguished with the help of my neighbours too. During every activity the police were coming, taking notice, gathering the placards and arresting me. This time the police did not come. Only at night when I was about to gather the placards, a civilian police officer came. He even helped me in tidying up. Then he told me that his director wanted to meet and talk with me and then he left.


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  1. Duke St. MamasDuke St. Mamas said:

    Serious question: ARE YOU TURKISH?

    You only ever talk about GC crimes and paint the TC in a dishonestly favourable light.

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