Is Cyprus on the path to reunification?

Cyprus' Nicosia International Airport was left abandoned within the UN-controlled buffer zone in July 1974

Klaus Dodds asks whether fresh discussions could finally reunite divided Cyprus

While standing recently in a Cypriot border crossing queue in temperatures over 40°C, I saw a sign describing Nicosia as being ‘the last divided capital’. Recent talks led by the UN-appointed negotiator, Espen Barth Eide, are hoping to end such division, but it will be immensely challenging.

To be a British citizen in the Republic of Cyprus (ROC) is an unsettling experience. In the 1950s, Ledra Street was known as the ‘murder mile’ as British service personnel were attacked by a Greek Cypriot organisation (EOKA), which was fighting against British colonial occupation and promoting political union with Greece (known as ‘enosis’).

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