In Cyprus, a renewed push toward peace raises new questions

The US has said a peace deal between the Greek and Turkish communities in Cyprus might be “within reach.” But some observers of the divided island suggest an agreement might be difficult to sustain.

Zypern US Außenminister John Kerry mit Nicos Anastasiades und Mustafa Akinci

Like any good politician, US Secretary of State John Kerry understands the symbolic importance of a photograph. The image of him standing alongside the respective leaders of the long divided Turkish and Greek communities in Cyprus, shaking their hands simultaneously in a show of international goodwill, has sparked excitement about the island possibly being on the cusp of achieving its long sought-after peace settlement.

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  1. PeekaPPeekaP said:

    @BConradis glad to see there are some realists with a platform.I have raised same concerns.

  2. PeekaPPeekaP said:

    @BConradis unified identity must be formed for lasting peace.wasn’t until identities became split that cracks became canyons

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