If Cyprus becomes the Palestine of the Med, the Jewish lobby won’t help

Tales from the Coffeeshop: If Cyprus becomes the Palestine of the Med, the Jewish lobby won’t help

OVERSEAS Cypriots were in town last week for their annual extravaganza during which they are entertained by our squabbling party leaders, who like to show off their uncompromising patriotism, presumably in the hope of impressing a few of the wealthy expats and securing a few bucks in contributions to their party.

For their part, the expats, especially those living in the America, entertain us by boasting about their alleged political influence in Washington and close ties to the Jewish lobby, before spouting their grandiose plans of using the US government to pressure Turkey into making big concessions on Cyprus.

Every year, the self-important president of the International Co-ordinating Committee Justice for Cyprus (Pseka) Philip Christopher says the same thing, but he never gets round to doing anything. His master-plan of using the Jewish lobby to force a change of US policy towards Turkey has still not been put into practice which begs question: what is he waiting for?

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  1. Costa ConstantiCosta Constanti said:

    Thankfully the youth are changing and catching up with us on the island!

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