Greek FM @NikosKotzias:Mustafa Akıncı still has an old identity as a Cypriot

Kotzias also touched on the latest Cyprus talks, describing the newly elected Turkish Cypriot President Mustafa Akıncı as “a politician who still has an old identity as Cypriot.”

“He feels Cypriot, not just Turkish Cypriot. He speaks Greek. His citizens don’t speak Greek anymore. Old Greek Cypriot politicians [spoke] Turkish, and Turkish Cypriots spoke Greek. But now there’s a good momentum. This generation could make a good solution. Afterwards it will be much more difficult,” he said.

He stressed that the Cyprus dispute is “a problem for Cypriots, not for Greeks or Turks.”

“Turkish Cypriots had difficult years 1963-1964 because of the behavior of part of the other population in Cyprus. What we have to do is to give possibility to Turkish Cypriots getting the maximum rights they are asking for … In every society you have communities, minorities …………

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