Goodbye Tassos impersonator, hello two amigos

Tales from the Coffeeshop: Goodbye Tassos impersonator, hello two amigos

SPEAKING of a solution, a positive climate has appeared after Monday’s dinner and Friday’s resumption of the talks. Prez Nik and Mustafa, like two amigos, give out a positive vibe whenever they appear in public together and each is bending over backwards to please the other, competing over who will announce the next confidence building measure.

Not even when comrades Tof and Talat were meeting were there such high expectations. Greek Cypriots seem finally ready for a settlement. Such is the pro-settlement mood that the hard-line prophets of doom have toned down their rhetoric and reduced the frequency of their announcements against Turkish intransigence.

The changing public mood is the main reason Nik the populist is showing commitment to reaching a deal. If he felt the people were not too keen, he would have carried on with his Tassos impersonation and insisted that the talks were conducted by the negotiators as this guaranteed they would lead nowhere.

But people are ready and Nik is determined to deliver if it boosts his popularity……………..

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