G/c Priest attends Larnaca mosque pilgrimage for first time

The pilgrimage is the fourth taking place since 2014 and happened at the request of Cyprus Archbishop Chrysostomos II on behalf of the Mufti of Cyprus Talip Atalay. It was the first time that a representative of the Archbishop of Cyprus attended and addressed the pilgrims.
Salpy Eskidjian, the Executive Coordinator of Office of the Religious Track, announced that six annual worships will be held in the main Cathedral of Apostolos Barnabas, near Turkish-occupied Famagusta, a her attendance of the gathering.
The pilgrims arrived by bus in the morning from the Turkish-occupied areas at the mosque, which is considered to be the holiest Muslim place of worship in Cyprus. In his statements, Mufti Atalay wished happiness and peace to the world and said he hoped innocent people would stop being sacrificed.

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