Final resting place for Limassol Turkish Cypriots



According to Bayrak (18.4.2016), the Leymosun Culture Foundation has provided headstones for the 23 martyrs who fell during the 20th-24th of July 1974 and did not have any headstones.

The Limasol Martyrs Headstone Renewal and Landscaping Project that had been going on for two years has finally been completed and a ceremony was held at the Limasol Armenian Mosque where the martyrdom is located.

From North Cyprus 7 buses and 2 minibuses carried a large amount of Turkish Cypriots who had migrated from the Limasol area to the ceremony.

It was an emotional day for families who prayed for their loved ones at their grave side.

The Leymosun Culture Foundations project was sponsored by the Cyprus Turkish Vakıf Administration, Limasol Turkish Cooperative Bank, Limasollular Association of the UK and the Limasol Municipality.

The head of the Leymosun Culture Foundation Yücem Rasımoğlu delivered a speech at the ceremony saying that they had realised the project in order to share the sorrows of the families of the martyrs.

‘Our project not only commemorates and respects those who became martyrs but is also an outcome of the sentiment everyone has shown so that such bitter experiences are never relived again’ said Rasımoğlu.

The Greek Cypriot Limasol Mayor Andreas Christou for his part said that martyrs were the victims of the dark days experienced in the country and said that in order for a return not to be made to those days cooperation was needed.

He concluded his speech by expressing the hope that the island will be reunited once again.


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