Fear over ‘Mafia rule’ in north By @EsraAygin

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A spate of underworld-style crimes in recent weeks has sparked off questions over police inaction and reignited the public debate on the casino-nightclub-mafia triangle in the northern part of Cyprus.
The Turkish Cypriot community was shaken by a slew of almost simultaneous arsons on the same night earlier this week on two auto showrooms and the headquarters of a company in what seemed to be a racketeering tactic. Two other vehicles were set on fire in the past week, while a man was caught on security cameras leaving a decapitated dog at the door of a local newspaper. Lastly, the suspect in a mafia showdown trial thundered at the deputy police superintendent during the court hearing, saying: “I feel sorry for you. You will beg me.”
“The order of the streets has replaced the order of law in this country,” wrote Huseyin Ekmekci, the chief editor of Havadis newspaper in his column. “Unfortunately, the police is not taking effective action. Some things are being tolerated. Some things are being covered up. Those who are in charge of ensuring justice are becoming a part of injustice.”

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