[Event] Street Festival to celebrate the International Day of Peace

Σύνδεσμος ενσωματωμένης εικόνας

Following the success of the symposium and workshops last Sunday to celebrate the International Day of Peace, THIS SUNDAY for an afternoon Street Festival at the Home for Cooperation.

The programme is as follows:
4-6pm – Walk for Peace Across the Divide, with Kostas Konstantinou
4-9pm – Origami: 1000 Paper Cranes for Peace with Cyprus Friendship Programme
4-9pm – Global Feast for Peace to support FWC’s Strengthening Asylum programme
4-9pm – ‘I want my Cyprus to…’ with Alexis Karkotis
4-5pm – Storytelling for Children with Angeliki Yiasemides
5-6pm – Painting Activity for Children with the AHDR
6-7pm – Hip Hop by T.E.A.M and Studio 21
7-8pm – Live Music with Eril Cambaz
8-9pm – Live Music with Alexia Vassiliou

To register for the activities or to contribute to the Feast for Peace, please contact Paraskevi Koumi on [email protected]

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