[Event] ‘Overcoming Borders’ – World Peace Day 2015 Film Screening (21 Sept)

Σύνδεσμος ενσωματωμένης εικόνας

On the occasion of the World Peace Day, the Goethe-Institut Zypern in cooperation with the Association for Historical Dialogue & Research (AHDR) and the Cinema for Peace Foundation (Berlin) invite you for a film evening with two film screenings and a reception! The evening is open to all, following a series of activities throughout the month of September in the UN Buffer Zone.

19:00 – The Syrian Bride
France/Israel/ Germany – Director: Eran Riklis
98′ – English (2005)
Venue: Home for Cooperation
20:30 – Reception
Venue: Home for Cooperation
21:15 – Westwind
Germany/Hungary – Director: Rober Thalheim
89′ – German with English subtitles (2010/11)
Venue: Goethe-Institut

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  1. Duke St. MamasDuke St. Mamas said:

    Oh that is priceless… “overcoming boarders” and yet you blatantly advocate a new boarder where one didn’t exist before.

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