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‘Our wall’, a documentary created by Panikos Chrysanthou and Nıyazı Kızılyurek, two people belonging to the two supposedly opposed nationalities in Cyprus, gathers historical footage as well as peoples testimonies in order to tell the story of the recent history of Cyprus through the experiences of the people of Cyprus. Greek- cypriots and Turkish- cypriots, the two communities divided by the Green line but united in their common pain.

The documentary was released in 1993, before there was even talk of opening the checkpoints, when the two communities had already been divided for 20 years. Coming forward, and speaking up about how the pain and suffering of the people has been common, and at the same time admitting the mistakes of both communities around a time when nobody else around them did, is what makes this documentary a revolutionary act in its own right.

The documentary was shown around Europe and was well received by the world, but not in Cyprus. The state channel, RIK in the south refused to screen it, a committee in BRT TV in the north banned it.

40 or so years after the divide it’s still important to show this film, and re open the discussion about peoples’ history about the pain and despair that nationalism led us to, in order not to repeat the same mistakes in the future, and fight together for a united Cyprus.

‘We are aware that a common work from the two of us, the supposed enemies, is not enough to smash thee barricades and the barbed wires that have been erected to divide us. But we believe that it can make some people to see the ‘others’ as fellow human beings. It can contribute in understanding that they have both been victims of war and nationalism. That to live united again is worth more than anything in the world.’ Niyazi Kizilyurek, Panikos Chrysanthou.

Panikos Chrysanthou, the director of ‘Our wall’ will be joining us for four screenings of the film.

7/7 Kyrenia -Casablanca
12/7 Famagusta -Retro/Detay
15/7 Lefkosia- Kafenio 11
16/7 Limmasol- Sto dromo

All screenings start at 8:00pm.
The screenings in Kyrenia and Famagusta are with Turkish subtitles and in Lefkosia and Limmasol with Greek subtitles. The spoken languages of the documentary are Greek and Turkish Cypriot dialects as well as English.

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