Estranged from paradise since 1974

Estranged from paradise since 1974

THE Karpasia is beautiful. It is more than beautiful. With its pristine beaches, gorgeous villages, windswept, rolling hills, it is heaven on earth. It is very different to the rest of the island. It always has been. Even in pre-1974 days.

My father comes from the Karpas village of Ayios Symeon/Avtepe and we always used to visit my elderly grandmother there at Bayram. Going to the Karpasia was like travelling to a faraway, exotic land. It was predominantly Greek Cypriot and my father’s village, along with the two neighbouring settlements, were the only Turkish Cypriot villages at the end of the peninsula. And you could tell that being surrounded by Greek Cypriot villages for God knows how long did have its effects: their first language was Greek.

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