Erdogan accused the EU of not keeping its promises

According to illegal Bayrak television (online, 21.03.16), Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in statements regarding Turkey’s EU membership process, visa free travel and the Cyprus issue, said that Turkey had made in the past a proposal to then UN Secretary General Kofi Annan while in Davos in order to solve the Cyprus issue but added that Annan had replied that he had made three attempts but had failed and did not want any further part.

“When I responded to Mr Annan that next time the Turks will be one step ahead of the Greeks he agreed to this and therefore we took steps”, the Turkish President argued.

Claiming that during their workings the Greek and the Greek Cypriots weren’t sincere and therefore when the time had come to put their signatures on the agreement they had refrained from doing this, Erdogan said that Annan did not accept this outcome therefore the Greek-Greek Cypriot duo had signed the agreement and took it to a referenda. “65% of Turkish Cypriots in the TRNC (editor’s note: the breakaway regime in the occupied area of the Republic of Cyprus) voted yes while 75% of Greek Cypriots in the South of Cyprus (editor’s note: the government controlled area of the Republic of Cyprus) voted no”, said Erdogan.

“What happened? None of the promises made were kept and despite this the Greek Cypriot side entered the EU unilaterally. They made South Cyprus a part of the EU but not North Cyprus. I always say this, they are not sincere. We are sincere but they are not”, Erdogan said. He added that the payments that needed to be made by the EU were also not made.

“The EU themselves failed to comply with the EU acquis communautaire and since that day we are continuing on our own path. When we look at the past we see that they have never kept their promises and they never will we are aware of this fact”, the Turkish President argued.

Source: PIO



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