EDEK is returning to the witch-hunts of 2004

EDEK is returning to the witch-hunts of 2004

THE MORALLY upright socialists of EDEK have already begun their intimidation campaign against people that support the peace process and are keen to see a settlement. Last Friday, the party issued a statement claiming that the recently-formed group Team Cyprus had received funding from suspicious sources to pay for an opinion poll that was being carried out on its behalf. The implication was that the group had been bribed by those who wanted to harm Cyprus’ interests.

EDEK’s statement said: “Everyone knows that such a survey requires substantial expenditure of several thousand euros and it is puzzling how an organisation, after a month’s operation secured this funding. We are very much afraid that the above survey, like similar actions with unknown sources of funding and ‘unknown’ contributors, is reminiscent of the machinations of 2004. Everyone knows the then backers of the Annan plan spent millions of pounds on several ‘personalities’ and ‘NGOs’ to undertake the propaganda of the plan for the partition of Cyprus.”

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