Decision taken to reduse 20th of July celebrations to a minimum

According to Bayrak (18.07.2016), Mustafa Akinci evaluated the latest developments in Turkey with the “government officials” at a meeting.

During the meeting which was attended by Huseyin Ozgurgun, Sibel Siber, Turkish Ambassador to Nicosia Derya Kanbay as well as the Commanders of the Cyprus Turkish Peace Forces Command and the Turkish Cypriot Security Forces Command a decision was taken to reduce to a minimum the 20th of July celebrations.

Accordingly, the reception, all banquets and entertainment programs have been cancelled.

The committee in charge of organizing national day celebrations announced details of the new regulation regarding the main ceremony and celebrations on the 20th July.

The reception to be hosted by  Mustafa Akinci on Wednesday the 20th of July at 8pm and banquets to be given by the “Speaker of the Parliament” and the “Prime Minister” have all been cancelled.

A visual show entitled, “Barisa Çagriydi” (It was a call for peace) to be staged at the Kyreneia Castle tonight as well as concerts and a performance by the Ankara Municipality Mehter Team which are to be held during the down vigil tomorrow at 9:30pm were also cancelled.

On the 20th of July, a folk dance show by the Youth Department, a performance of Ankara Municipality Mehter Team as well as all civilian and military air shows will not be taken place during the main parade to be held at the Dr. Fazıl Kucuk Boulevard in Nicosia on Wednesday.

A show by the Turkish Stars Aerobatic Team to be held at 6pm and a performance of the Ankara Municipality Mehter Team at 6:45pm in Kyreneia on Wednesday were also cancelled.

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