[Debate] “Monuments and memories – Remembering the past through memorials”

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Do statues talk? Do monuments narrate our own existence? What is it that we are missing when we walk by them every single day?

The debate will focus on the importance of memory (in the form of History) and monuments (as a specific form of representation of the past) in a post-conflict, peacebuilding context both in Cyprus and globally. More specifically, three issues will be discussed. The first issue is deals with the importance of History in representing the past, and the limitations of History in creating valid representations of the past. Secondly, the debate will focus on whether and how historical conflict should be memorialized through monuments, museums and other historical accounts. Again, the opportunities and limitations of these more institutionalized forms of memorialization will be scrutinized. The third issue will focus more on monuments, and raises the questions whether monuments can assist positively in coming to terms with the past or whether, in fact, they act as continuous reminders of past trauma and thus, prevent the peacebuilding process. Another question is what kinds of monuments does Cyprus need at this stage to help with peace-building?

Christos Mais, AHDR Research Associate

Mehmet Adil
Zehra Azizbeyli
Despo Pasia
Reyhan Sabri
Theopisti Stylianou – Lambert

Relevant links:

Project website: http://giannoukoue.wix.com/icontroveries
Exhibition’s FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/186776261657487/
Debate organised by Cyprus Community Media Centre – CCMC: https://www.facebook.com/events/1626602424258787/


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